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    How do you balance the time and effort put into your freelance proposals, as time could be wasted if you don't win?

    Being a freelancer just means that you are a “solo” worker. It doesn’t mean anything else (despite all the buzzwords you may find today in media).

    So, bottom line: you need just 1 full-time project to make your living as a freelancer.

    I’d address these possible scenarios:

    • You have no projects at all
    • You are struggling to full fill your working day with projects.
    • You have full-time projects

    You have no projects at all

    A no brainer situation. You have to spend all of your days searching for leads and job opportunities. This means: from Sunday to Saturday, no rest.

    You are struggling to full fill your working day with projects

    Here’s the hardest part. You must prioritize your current ongoing projects.

    It’s a well-known fact that it’s cheaper (in effort) to make a buck from an existing client rather from a new one.

    In this scenario is where all most freelancers hit a blocking wall, they simply get exhausted and frustrated and just fail and give up.

    The balance here is this way:

    • All the time you need to deliver the project’s goals and keep your client happy.
    • Search for new leads and project opportunities. Again, from Sunday to Saturday. No rest.

    You have full-time projects

    Finally, you made it! you can rest now (but not too much).

    Even having full-time projects, it’s suggested to keep searching for new leads and job opportunities, just in case one of your ongoing projects vanishes just like that.

    You never know when a project ends, so you better be prepared.

    Wrapping Up

    It’s more likely to lose proposals rather than winning them, so don’t consider “proposing” as a “waste of time”.

    Enjoy and carefully appreciate all of your wins.

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