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    How to be a successful freelancer in any career

    I’ve started coding since 1982 (Basic and Cobol programming languages) to today, and since that day, I had to reinvent myself many times to keep on track.

    In my opinion:

    Tech comes and goes, but the underlying concepts still remain the same 

    Now, as a freelancer, there are a lot of additional topics that I need to address (pre-sales, sales, post-sales, support, accounting, taxing)

    But, none of the topics above would exist if I am not a reliable professional and if I'm not ready to surf new waves of technology.

    Unlike some "Top Developer tips" type of blog posts, this makes a lot of sense and can be applied to anything you do.

    To have a long career (or "the chance of it" at last):

    • Show empathy
    • Be flexible
    • Honor your word and deliver what you promise.
    • Don't hesitate to give more than you get
    • If any problem arises, don't talk the problem away.
    • Build communication skills
    • Improve your learning skills
    • Continuously improve through challenges, practice, and feedback
    • Enjoy what you do

    And never forget:

    You are a professional service provider

    Even being an IT professional, this list would apply to any other career.

    I think it's worth to have this list printed out as a reminder each day :)

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