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    #5 Web Design Structures Every Web Designer Needs to Know

    These are the #5 web design structures that are used most often in websites nowdays, let's review them so you can identify them and learn more about how they are used.

    Here are the five most common web design structures:

    Menu for Navigation

    Navigation buttons are located in many different places and usually arranged strategically so that it is easy to find your way around a website.

    It's porpuse is quite simple: that you can easily access all of the content that is available.

    Webpage Header

    This structural element is a key design feature, providing unique characteristics that differentiates a website from other.

    The header of a page is often the same on every page of a website and is generally located at the top of the homepage.

    Basically, it contains the name of the website and it's usually decorated with a high quality image.

    Sidebar Columns

    They are also called sidebars. Many website will place search boxes or often filled with advertisements.

    These columns provide additional navigation links. 

    You can use third party sidebar columns for sharing or suggesting content , for instance AddThis is a very good example.

    Webpage Footer

    The footer is located at the bottom of the web page. As sidebar columns, they can provide recommend content based on user experience.

    Also, copyright information and link to the web page’s terms of use are expected to be found here.


    This is the information that everyone has come to see and the reason why the website exists.

    Content ncludes things like a description of the company, contact information, FAQs, and most important details about the services and/or products being offered by the company.

    These are the 5 basic structural elements of a webpage design that a typical website contains.

    Focusing on these structures you will be able to use your money more wisely when investing in your website.

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