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    IT Freelance Jobs - Forecast 2019

    As an IT professional freelancer, one of my jobs is to keep an eye open on technology trends and which ones are in high demand, which ones are losing momentum and which ones are dying or becoming specialized niche.

    This forecast is based on open contracts currently existing on Upwork platform (where I do freelancing most of the time) and based on my personal professional needs.

    If you want to know about other technology then just let me know in the comments sections.

    IT Freelance Jobs - Trends 2019

    On December 2018 there were about #40.000 open contracts related to the following technologies:

    • PL/SQL
    • JavaScript
    • React
    • Angular
    • Vue
    • NodeJs
    • Java 
    • Android
    • PHP
    • JQuery
    • Wordpress

    Some technologies may overlap, like JavaScript with React or JQuery, or combinations like such, as clients may search for different technologies on the same contract.

    Insights and Findings

    On High Demand

    Clearly, these technologies rule the web development world:

    • Wordpress (24.72%)
    • JavaScript (20.10%)
    • PHP (17.44%)
    • Android (12.26%)  -Negative Trend

    All these technologies sum up almost 75% of all open contracts.

    Loosing or Gaining Momentum

    These technologies are somewhere between losing or gaining market share:

    • Jquery (7.26%)
    • React (5.77%)
    • Java (4.86%)   -Negative Trend
    • NodeJS (3.62%)
    • Angular (2.88%)   -Negative Trend

    Dying or specialized niche

    • Vue (0.98%)
    • PL/SQL (0.07%)

    Wrapping Up

    Even when there are a number of significative open contracts related to Android, Java, and Angular these technologies are into a negative trend.

    New technologies like Vue are still not on high demand, and in this particular niche, React is being required in the vast majority of new contracts (+107% from November to Decembre).

    And finally, Oracle PL/SQL has become a specialized niche.

    You can follow up this topic with up-to-date data here: IT Freelance Jobs 2019

    I hope you will find this information useful to plan your freelancer career in 2019.

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