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    How can I get a freelancing skill?

    Lots of people want to enter into freelancing, maybe you are thinking the same at this very moment.

    Let's shed some light onto this topic.

    There’s no such thing as a “freelancing skill”, the only thing that distinguishes a freelancer from an employee is that the second one has a contract with her/his employer and the freelancer has not.

    Here's the thing:

    You do need to acquire professional skills.

    As a freelancer, you will need to develop other tasks besides your main activity in order to become a sustainable freelancer. Tasks like:

    • Pre-Sales
    • Sales
    • Delivery
    • Support
    • Invoicing / Accounting
    • Taxes

    So, my suggestion is that you focus on these topics.

    I would call “freelancing skill” as the sum of the skills described above.

    How do I become a freelancer? What should I do?

    Let me share with you my own thoughts and please do not take my suggestions as pieces of advice.

    If you mean “become a freelancer” like to “become an independent worker”, then drop this idea as soon as possible.

    Instead, focus on learning competencies (school and stuff) and then start working with other people.

    Don’t stay too much time working for the same contractors or clients (2 years top). Challenge yourself in different environments.

    During this period, pay attention to how your colleagues “do their business”.

    Also, and not least important: you need to grow up during this process, both as professional and as a person.

    The last step in your career is to become a professional freelancer, don’t rush things.

    What can you do now? It’s a good time to start playing only if you can picture yourself as a “trustable chap”.

    Are you trustable indeed? can you deliver what you promised?

    If so, then identify what you can do for others, can you provide a service? can you provide a product?

    With this answer in mind, is just about signing up and start bidding. There are so many platforms today.

    If you have questions or doubts you can ask me in the comments section, I’ll be glad to answer you.

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