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    How do you effectively delegate tasks as a freelancer?

    As a freelancer, you need to be aware that your name and reputation are the things you must care most.

    I don’t delegate tasks often, and when I do, I only delegate tasks to persons I’m confident will deliver.

    My work standards and work ethics are really high, I know as a fact that keeping them in that level let me build long-term relationships with my clients and to work with clients all over the world successfully.

    In my own experience, I set these simple milestones in every task I delegate:

    • What do I want to accomplish - Clear and detailed specifications of deliverables What standards must be met.
    • Timescales / Completion dates -
    • A plan B if I need to take over the delegated tasks due to any unexpected circumstances.

    And that’s all I need about planning.

    In order to keep good communication with the people I work, I use these tools:

    • Asana
    • Skype
    • Google Docs and XLS
    • Email
    • Slack

    And that’s all I need to communicate and share files.

    Feel free to reach me out on social networks or on my site:


    Twitter: daniel.vukasovich (@dr_vitus_zato)

    Facebook: Smart.IT.ninja

    Or drop me any questions you may have here in the comments section.

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